About us

Welcome to E.D.U. STANDARDS. Our company administers and offers a great variety of educational seminar cycles that cover a wide spectrum of needs addressed to employees as well as to students and the unemployed. Our aim is to provide fast-paced educational seminars of English teaching as a foreign language, the preparation of candidates for the official examination for obtaining a certified from ASEP language degree that could be used as official proof of the level they master the language, as well as the co-ordination of the exams.

The educational programs concern seminar cycles of 12, 24 and 36 hours that are translated to seminar sessions of one, two and three months respectively, depending on the needs of each participant. The seminars also regard beginner learners who however will have to attend a greater in length seminar cycle for obtaining a certified degree.
Educational seminar cycles will be held by E.D.U. STANDARDS throughout the year.

The methodology used by E.D.U. STANDARDS aims at the success of all candidates, depending on their level of competence until the completion of the seminar cycle they have chosen which is in accordance to the descriptors set by the Council of Europe Common European framework of Language Proficiency for the B1 to the C2 levels of language competency.